Sunday, March 20, 2011

memorable day for me : 19 march 2011 ! shsssss . i cannot tELL you , and you , and you . and yes , just only that day was full of memories, not full la actually , just half+half . 38 -.- 'IF THERE'S A FUTURE FOR US' , everything back to last time . start from the beginning . HOPEFULLY :( ! are you reading my blog now ? awww :) hehe ! hello ! don't always curi curi tengok lah :P ( sorry, 38 again ) -.-
 FUHHHHH HHHHH ~ picture cannot ' man zhu' me ! i need you badly ! =)
and today = sunday . nothing special , but ! my 'nice feel' weekend ever . since i back frm singapore until now ! yuhuuuu . cause . chat alots with my dad and mom , and so, i cook for them ! dinner ! AHYA , just spaghetti la, not special pun , cause everyones know to cook it ! but , seriously, its nice . see who cook mah xD ! and totally ~ totally ~ i love this weekend . updated my phone , games , and i tell you ! now only i start play 微博 . omg, it just like twitter ! but much more better than twitter la of course :) keke .
 welllllllllll . byebye ------------ tutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt -------------------

Friday, March 11, 2011

我回来了 !
我又回来了 =)已经有两个月了吧,没有上我的部落格。在这两个多月里发生了很多事情。
首先》新年 !今年可以说是最最最难忘的新年吧,尤其是和家人一起,‘叶家精神’ !永远不变 ! 哈哈。我的堂哥堂姐表弟表妹,全部都真的长大了,也包括我吧:)。朋友,一个个会驾车,有伴侣,也有自己的生活。新年期间我们有一个小聚会,驾车去拜年,虽然只是半天的时间,不过我真的很开心。 朋友,家人,是不可缺少的!也在这段时间,不可思议的东西发生在我身上了!很奇怪吧。我只是透露给我的姐妹知道 ,白痴吧 -..- (我的心里只有一个人)-----------
新年的年初七我回新加玻了,我的好朋友送我,真的好安慰 :) 。工作了三个礼拜,我和姐姐每天都在一起,她真的很照顾我,我永远爱她,姐:谢谢你 <3 . 然而,我也认识了朋友,也学到了很多东西,‘社会’究竟是什么,我体会到了:) 。这个月的第一个礼拜,ah kee 来了,和他去逛逛,也认识了一位朋友,他是sarawak人,名字叫lester.他是一个不错的人 =) ohh!还有一个叫benedict(sogia),是在马六甲认识的,他真的是很搞笑 xD .不错不错 ~ :)
真的很多事情发生,有些不知道该说不说。咳!伤脑筋 -.-
跳过跳过 >>>>>> xD
昨天和一大班朋友去PD叻!开心到。也很想靠在你的肩旁当你做在我的隔壁~也许,是不会有可能发生的事吧。和三个好姐妹谈心事,坐在海边,听听海浪声,谈天说笑,紫彦:三个女人一个虚。哈哈哈 !很遗憾,不能过夜 :(

而今天,不懂为什么,心情超低落。 很不想分开。

Thursday, January 6, 2011

8a.m wake up and get ready for kl shopping this morning =) Im going with che shun , cause chee yen and beh them all working , just left we two. urm, around 11 arrived time square and we go for breakfast ,espressBread/soup (sorry,forget) . After that, we shop - shop - shop - shop - Ohya! and less people today =)
1something > we go and shop again then go for lunch ! Omgoshhh. its toilet restaurant ! :) THere's some picture at below and well, today have a nice day and we chat a lot. Somehow,BAD cloth that im wearing today -.- ! 
Enjoy today and ate many :) 
Picture : =)
Me =)
che shun =)
drinks .
'si hang' rice ! hahaa.
my sore throat recover after eat this =)

yeepyyyyy ! x)
go back le =(

How about you guys ? =) have a nice day. 
world peace <3
Goodnight .
I'm tired/
Moody =(

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello My friend ! LOng time no seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .
paiseh . updated my blog now =P
Ehmm, Let's start from ... after SPM ? :) Well,after spm few days, our 'crazy gang' went to genting on 12.12.2010 !JUst 1 day trip, we meet up at s'ban railway station in the early morning. Chee yen, che shun and wan qian was overnight at my house b4 the day we go genting. Around 9something reach KL sentral and follow our plan and search for genting bus, so damn bad that just left 3.30 P.M bus -.- I was like. wt* ! GUys, don't ever believe 100% of information that get from internet >< Oucchh . 'mei ban fa' ,we need to ride taxi ,each person 25BUCKS ! i was like wt* AGAIN -.- pandainya peniaga-peniaga !
As well, we're so enjoy there of playing those game,OMGOMG! amazing ! you're so nice SPACE SHOT ! i love you the most. we take lots of picture,eat ,chat,gossip. Lawrence,he > eat and EAT -.-
LOts of memories that i've got with you guys , my ji mui, my dearest buddies . i miss you all so badly =(
Some of the picture here . -ONE-

LOlx. actualy so much thing and activity, i don't realy remember,hehehh . JUst,some 'important' and realy memorable <3
Before genting, 5 of us go for swim then greenbox ! Yooooo  yoooo ~rock rockkkk . sing until sore throat. Is it proud of us ? =) Me, beh, chee yen, che shun and wan qian. and YES! yuen yee is always missing and not campur us :( I hate you ! ><
After genting, I went to s'pore with mom on 14dec . Shopping,walking around, eat and accompany mom go those place that b4 born 3 of us ,mom and dad 'pak toh' place. s'pore marine parade, my 1st time went there,and please clap hand for me ! Ahyo,clap 1st lah . *CLAP CLAP CLAP =) we saw 'marine parade' bus, just go up and after past half an hour, i asked my mom .
Me: Mi, you know where should we get down from bus onot oh? what is the place oh?
MOm:I also don't know ohhhh .
wth ! how now?! will lost onot oh us? x.x
Then,after 15minute lik that, i saw 'MARINE PARADE CENTRAL' ,we reach there le! :)
BUT. tak nampak beach pun -.- all building and shopping mall, then i say ,nvm lo, no beach nvm,at least got shopping mall and eat mah. while we order food, mom ask the penjaja , and he said just near there,walk like 5minute reach. haiz ! my mom havent 'mati jantung' x.x
Eh eh . Quite nice leh, that beach >< My future boyfriend, if you saw this, you know what to do x) haha ! I'm a beach girl x)
BUt those picture ,you just take a look at my fb profile ba,haha !
When friday,me ,my sis and mom come back together cause having family dinner on saturday , 'guo dong' !
I miss and love family gathering especially <3 :)

Skip > my trip with sista, ah mi jiejie and winnie jiejie at batam ! christmas day !
Actualy, batam,you're suck x.x ! I just love your seafood and spa and massage there =) WE're so enjoy there :) Massage without cloth ! whoppssss . * i mean me, without cloth ;)
Picture > facebook =)
thanks my sister and take care of me :) After batam trip , lawrence and cha wee come s'pore ! I bring them walk around. erm > sentosa aquarium > marina bay > zoo > clarke quay > orchard > bugis . and food ! hope you two like le :) NIce trip for me also :) Ehmm, the feeling is . coming back to meeeee ><
Ahya,you don't know what mean geh la =P . care me,oh yes! So weird,haiz . But. imposible geh la .
Pichaaa !
lawrence and me =)
cha wee and lawrence -.-
my ji mui >< hehehehehehe .

I miss you all LEHHHHH ! 
very sien . haiz !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm EXHAUSTED !!! Help mee ~ study study and study,but can't in my brain. Howww ?
Yesterday didnt on9 at all,i mean use pc la ! haha. Yesterday,wednesday . WEnt to kfc studeh with beh,meng hong,chang, and wee kiat. lawrence and foo come late,Not study together with us ba. After that,go for lunch ,drink 'tong sui' ! Around 2.45p.m. go tuisyen with beh ,we walk =)
My wednesday .

Today,again, went to library with yuen yee and carmen.A lots of people there,especially malay,blue chairs there. I swear i won't sit there anymore,RED CHAIRS SIDE,tunggu saya =).I reach there aroung 11p.m ,sit awhile then go for breakfast with them,'laksa min fan gou' .And yes,we back to library again,lots of ppl still -.- ! what to do? especially malays,Noisy betul >< ! Chan wa's student many juga,st.paul pun ada ,puteri few sajer. THis was my 1st time meet with those gurls that are 'rich' / 'pretty'. Urm.. Racheal tay,pretty girl and smart :) haha ! Ohya,Thanks yuen yeeeee ! I LOVE YOUR SOUVENIR SO MUCHHH <3 love sei you ! mumumumumu .
URGHSSSS . Tony tuisyen,this saturday only end up.add maths.
Let's count.
Yesterday(wed).Maths 3-6p.m.
Today (thurs).Add.maths 4-7p.m
Tmrw(friday).Maths 6.30-9.30p.m
Saturday.Add maths. 3-6 p.m
PERFECT ? I'M EXHAUSTED AGAIN ! i need some time to revision =(
By the way,thx too sir -.- Lolx!
Today,someone told me,'he' text 'her' last night and talk blablabla.I'm jealous seriously -.- ! And yea,when i saw those super super rich girls,i was think that. WAOO ! Different world. x.x

Well,my day =) Here,I wish you guys good luck and take good care ,SPM coming soon. After spm only upgrade my blog :) Goodbye friends,i'll miss you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yooooo ! 6 more days to go,SPM ! and 15 more days to go,FINISHED SPM! muahahahaha XDDD .
Today went to public library with beh,chee yen,yuen yee,foo,meng hong,chang and wee kiat. But library is full,no more places :( ~We decided to go kfc,infront of the store,but yuen yee din't come with us.I HATE YOU YUEN YEE,SERIOUSLY ! hehehehe =)
Around 1p.m. ,7 of us go for lunch,organic restaurant,just beside KFC . The food,WALAOOOOEHHH~ realy 'organic' ,Or maybe i tak biasa eat taste de !! -.- BUt lickily,is cheap la,wont too expensive,just spent around 6 bucks,for my lunch :) .Well,tonight we're going to celebrate with cik.lan ,for last day our bm tuisyen,DOMINO PIZZA !!
. . . . . . .
Have a nice day and i'm tired. tolong saya !!